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Why I Created

I have worked with enough business owners to see the common challenges that cut into profit and time.  Continually I saw why owners worked more and made less, were stressed and couldn't expand their businesses. Over the years of organizing them, I figured out key solutions and systems to fix those problems and help businesses achieve financial goals.


Jenny Marie, Founder 

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My Story

Jenny Marie, Founder

I've always been a goal-getter since I was a child. I worked myself out of a every job I had due to...

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How We Help Increase Success

We have key services to increase the efficiency and growth of your business and to achieve your personal and professional goals. We will also be launching courses and books to improve education, organization and strategy to streamline operations and speed up success.

& Consulting

Office Desk

Save Money

We have saved clients thousands by the way we analyze numbers and assess the finances. You have the choice of Bookkeeping or Cross-check Consulting.  Not only do you see where you stand, you can focus on production.

Organizing & Efficiency Coaching

Typing on the Computer

Increase Profit

With our In-House Organizing, we streamline production and staff. We improve communication and efficiency to create a better team, lessen stress and increase your profit and income! Not to mention free up your time and forward your goals!

Start-Up Coaching
& Education

Wall of ideas

Save Thousands

We've watched too many people waste thousands trying to figure out how to start their business. Paying too much money to get things going. We have created a very efficient service to get the most bang for your buck and to get steps in place for cash flow!

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Steve, GC

“My business wouldn’t be where it is if it weren’t for her. Jenny took my business from a one-person operation and helped me turn it into a 4M a year, 8 employee success."


Lauren, Enterpreneur

"I highly recommend.  Jenny is a powerhouse for positive financial goal-setting and works with you to achieve your targets.  Her bookkeeping services are accurate and easy to read. "

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Lynn, Author

"In 6 years I went from zero to zero – with Jenny in 6 months I was developing my business at 60 miles an hour.  It is now just over one year and we have launched and have an income."

Contact us for a Free Consult to increase production and profit, lessen stress and achieve goals.

Receive an Introductory document that tells you how we do it!

Haines City, Florida USA. Mostly Traveling.

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