>>>>>AKA Chief Problem Solver

Jenny Marie, founder of Succeed With Speed, graduated with a B.A. in Communication Arts. She worked herself out of a number of jobs in Small Businesses because her organizational skills condensed the F/T work into P/T hours. However, she was able to develop her skills in organizing and money management as she found her path to becoming an entrepreneur. Her overall experience is over 20 years.

She became tired of working herself out of jobs and decided to take her skills and Goal-Gettin attitude to become a Small Business Consultant. After almost a decade of doing that and becoming a Quickbooks Certified ProAdvisor, she decided to narrow her focus to services that focused on organizing, finances and goal achievement.  



>>>>>>>>For Business Owners

Throughout her entire 20 year experience in Small Business, Jenny has obtained results. Organization was implemented to increase production and therefore increase income. Thousands in debt were eliminated, profit increased and expansion occurred. She outlined the exact things she did with those companies and mapped out a plan for clients to get more organized and educated. She realized that many owners were continually getting stuck in confusion and overwhelm. She set out to focus her business on the three things that she made the biggest difference doing: organizing, money management and pushing people to reach their goals. This is how Succeed With Speed was born.