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Increase Your Rates & Save Time

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Join the Booming Bookkeeper's Club

  • Increase Your Creditability When You Work with Us 

  • Utilize Our Birds Eye Budget to Provide Higher Value and Increase Rates

  • Gain Certainty with Our Weekly Tips and Education

  • Save Time and Stress by Using Our Professional Templates 

  • Free Up Your Time by Learning How to Hire and Manage the Team

Email Q&A Support

We find that Bookkeepers (even though they are certified in Quickboooks) still have a lot of questions when categorizing transactions. Our Q&A support helps you categorize things so your clients books are done correctly.

Professional Templates

We've done the research and the trial and error so you don't have to. 14+ templates so you can look professional, be organized and provide better value to charge more. 

Access to Our Analysis Tool

As a Consulting member, you will get access to an analyzing tool that Jenny created which was based on her ten years of small business consulting and analyzing their finances. This tool has been redesigned over the last three years to provide the biggest benefit to clients.

Tips, Tricks & Troubleshooting

We will teach you everything we know about Tips, Tricks and Troubleshooting. Receive ongoing training videos each week. 

Cross-Checking & Coaching

A service we've never seen someone else offer Budding and Established Bookkeepers. Most are solopreneurs. This means they are doing everything themselves and cannot act as a second pair of eyes. We double check your work for accuracy to prevent client loss but also to increase your knowledge and value.

Receive Referrals

Since the Founder travels often and promotes her brands, she receives prospects that are looking for bookkeeping. Depending on your membership, you will go on a Directory organized by location, skill and industry so we can refer potential clients to you.

Gain Credibility & Raise Rates

When you become a Cross-Checking or Consulting member, you are essentially working with a 10+ year business consulting & Bookkeeping firm. We will help you with website copy to portray this and you get the opportunity to increase your value with the credibility to charge a whole lot more!


I want to increase my rates, save time and expand my business!

We Look Forward to Hearing From You

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