Clean-Ups: How Can I Save Myself Money During this Process?

This is part seven of a series of posts, which in this one we explain how indecision, lack of communication and overthinking can cause additional costs to your estimate.

We will have several phone consults to go over questions we have to clean up your books. If you are one who wants to ask lots of questions, or need to take time to think of what something was or cannot make decisions quickly, these types of things add time to the consults and therefore will add additional costs to your clean up estimate.

An estimate is an estimate. We do not know how many things we will uncover as we start cleaning up your books. It's sort of like a plumber going into fix a sink and then finds out the pipes are rotted. We do our best to provide an estimate based on what we can see from our free assessment.

Regardless, on the owner's end, it's best if they can make quick decisions, do some research on their own time, not keep us waiting for answers and not ask extensive questions on the consult to explain every piece of knowledge we have. We will educate you but we are also being upfront with you on what can add costs to an estimate.

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