What's Involved in a Clean-Up?

Updated: Feb 21

We can't tell you how many times, we been told that the new prospect's books are totally fine and not much to clean up. Unfortunately, most of our new clients do not understand the ins and outs of Quickbooks, so what seems like it's in order, is not. However, that's what we fix when we go in and do our "detective" work.

The work to clean up one's books can be extensive depending on the type of business and how many features are used in Quickbooks. Here is the list:

Chart of Accounts:

  • Organize for money management (not just tax purposes)

  • Add Loans (these should be tracked)

  • Add Missing Accounts (these are needed to fully assess costs)

  • Delete Duplicate Accounts

  • Correct Chart of Accounts (categories)


  • Reconcile Accounts

  • Correct Entries

  • Delete Duplicate Entries

  • Match Balances

  • Correct Categories

  • Correct Loan Registers

Accounts Payable:

  • Add Vendors

  • Correct Vendor Data

  • Fix Duplicate Payments

  • Add Missing Bills

  • Fix Payment Discrepancies

  • Fix Vendor Discrepancies

  • Correspond with Vendors

Accounts Receivable:

  • Add Customers

  • Add Missing Data

  • Audit Client Records

  • Add Missing Payments

  • Fix Payment Discrepancies

  • Fix Client Discrepancies

  • Correspond with Clients

In essence, we are almost doing a forensic accounting action (it's just not for judicial purposes). But the skill and ability are quite similar. We answer more questions in our Estimate Process. You contact us to get a free consult.

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