What is CFO Consulting?

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First, let's break down the term. CFO means Chief Financial Officer. Consulting means giving expert advice to others. The two combined means acting as a CFO for someone in their business to oversee finances.

If you research this term online, you may get different definitions. However, I am only referring to why we call our service CFO Consulting. In our business, we operate as a combination of bookkeeper and accountant per the basic definitions. Like a bookkeeper, we enter all the transactions that come through your business, however then we take it to the next level.

Like a bookkeeper, we enter all the transactions that come through your business, however then we take it to the next level.

Re-Organizing Finances

The first thing we do is re-organize your entire financial system so we can operate off this. We call this The Clean-Up Project. Most clients have discrepancies in their Quickbooks or don't even have it set up. We handle that in addition to setting up a specific organizational system for budget and debt to be monitored and handled to achieve financial goals.

CFO Consulting

Once that project is completed and client moves over to Maintenance Mode, we give them the option of two services. In either one, we analyze your weekly numbers, we hold you accountable to your financial targets, we identify red flags, provide solutions to handle them and we work together with you on business growth strategies. It's literally the combination of bookkeeping, accounting and business consulting. We go beyond bookkeeping.

Reasons why our client's come to work with us:

  • They keep saying they will get it done but they don't

  • They have tried working with several other "pros" but those "pros" don't deliver

  • They need and want accountability to manage their money

  • They are sick and tired of not accomplishing financial goals

  • They are tired of being overwhelmed and don't have time to manage books

  • They want to get their finances organized so they know where they stand

  • They have other goals they want to accomplish and need to grow the business first

Which type of service do you need? Take a look or just get a Free Consult now.

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