What is Management Consulting?

One of our services is called Management Consulting. Here is what the average Management Consultant does and how much it generally costs.

A Management Consultant often performs the following duties:

1) Planning

2) Organizing

3) Staffing

4) Advising

The goal of management consulting is to temporaily control the organization to improve performance and efficiency for a foundation of growth."

We like to explain it as: we are taking over the Executive "hat" to get a strong foundation in place of efficient systems that the company can grow on with effective staff they can grow with. Then we hand the "hat" back over and let them get on with the show! We also resume our regular consulting "hat" and continue to push them towards there next goal while providing resources, solutions and accountability along the way.

The cost of a Management Consultant can vary depending on size of business and location. However, the average charge in Orlando is $175/hr.

Our firm works with Small Businesses who have fifteen employees or less. This includes solo entrepreneurs. Therefore, we have discounts for this size as well as discounts for our regular monthly clients.

If you would like to learn more, please call or email us.

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