What is the Process of Working Together?

This particular Q&A is in response to our Money Management services. We have a specific process we run each prospective client through. We want to ensure each person is on the same page as us before any decisions are made, we want to ensure we can work well together and we want them to be educated.

The Process of Working with a CFO Consultant
In order for us to achieve the goals we have set out for you, we need to ensure that we will work well together.

Here is a breakdown of the usual sequence of events when determining whether we are the right fit and whether you should start your new adventure working with us.

Free Consult

The first thing we do is a free consult. This allows us to determine what you need and want and whether we can provide it to you. It also allows us to get to know one another and see if we can work together to achieve your goals.

Clean Up - Set Up

The next step is either setting up your Quickbooks and money management system AND/OR cleaning up your Quickbooks and setting up the particular system we manage with all of our clients. This will involve working together on certain aspects of data collection and categorizing. The end result is an organized financial system to operate your business or personal finances off of and manage your money efficiently and wisely.

Maintenance Mode

This is the third and final step where we transfer you over to our Maintenance Mode. You select which service you desire the most and we work together going forward to achieve your financial goals.

Get a Free Consult.


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