What Sets You Apart?

Updated: Feb 21

We've interviewed enough potential clients and worked with enough clients to really narrow down what sets us apart from the regular "Bookkeeper Joe." We aren't saying that all Bookkeepers are like this or do not operate as we do, however we are saying, we've heard it enough to know, we go above and beyond!

Jenny Marie (the founder) set up a thorough system years ago to track and record all the data one client needed to really assess his business. This system lead to the foundation of our CFO Consulting services. Here are the key things that set us apart:

1) We don't just set up your transactions on auto pilot and never assess what's happening.

In Quickbooks, you can set up what's called Rules. This allows the software program to recognize similar transactions and auto-categorize them. Yes, we do this, but only for transactions that we know are absolutely going to be the same every time. We've seen a lot of guess work come into our hands from former bookkeepers. We also review the reports on a weekly basis with the owner (in our CFO Consulting services) to ensure that things have been categorized correctly. This ensures better tax deductions and money management strategies.

2) We don't collect your money and you never hear from us again.

In our Basic Bookkeeping and Beyond Basic, our clients hear from us monthly. We are always available via text or phone though. They can also pay for emergency consults. Our CFO Consulting services offer a weekly call. This is where we review transactions with them, find out what challenges they may be up against and remind them of what their financial goals and targets are. We compare numbers and improvements needed.

3) We monitor and analyze all the details.

We have something called the Birds Eye Budget. This is slightly different than the budget in Quickbooks and allows us to see trends and notes on red flags. If you have a service that includes this, you either can review yourself or do it with us on a monthly basis or as needed. It also helps the client see what they couldn't see before. This allows us to guide better decisions and create better strategies.

4) We have fun - we are not your boring ol' bookkeeper.

Our motto for SucceedWithSpeed is: #WeMakeFinancesFun We understand that the financial arena is not enjoyable by most. We know that it's hard to face, that it triggers things and that it can be extremely confusing! We've gone out of our way to ensure we have the best team players and Preferred Partners that are easy to work with and fun to be around!

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