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Updated: Feb 21

First, we apologize for the length of this post. However, we wanted to outline the history from start to present for your research benefit!

From college jobs to now, Jenny Marie has always been innately a Go-Getter and and a Get-It-Doner. It's not surprising that she organized every job she had into a part-time position (which means saving the company money) and looking for ways to increase results because she saw the bigger picture. It's also not surprising that she either left or was fired because she was not challenged and became bored.

Back in 1999, she was fresh out of school and took a Reception position but also covered the PO (Purchase Order) Administrator while she was on medical leave. She had condensed her FT job to PT hours and could handle more workload. She took this position because it was an Advertising Agency and it related to her BA in Communication Arts. However, the company was extremely small and not interested in growing. This baffled and bored her so she ended up getting into trouble and was fired. (Not surprising).

The next position she took was at a Property Management company where she was hired PT but made it into a FT position by showing the owner how much work needed to be done. She then organized the position to a point where she could take on A/R and A/P for all the properties. She also designed new promotions for each building's tenants. The results were: saved money, owner had more time to focus on expansion, and an entire collections system she implemented made rent payments on time.

Of course, she got bored again because she wasn't challenged enough nor paid better for her production so she moved on to the next job. A non-profit organization. Here, she negotiated a better title for the position and better pay and then set out to do what she did best. Organizing to increase funds. Letters were sent out in three days as opposed to two weeks. She developed something called the Weddings for Wishes package which increased donations to $11,000 since she had been in the position (which was a little more than a year). She also created Staff Appreciation Day which increased morale and teamwork.

From that job, she attempted to go into business herself as a Sales Rep for a Financial company. Although, she spent two years there, it did not go as planned because she was lacking some very important tools that all owners should have. She did however, win a trip with her partner for being in the top 2% of the company for their division and she provided training sessions for the team to increase sales. The result was trainees achieved better sales and improved communication skills.

Due to the failed attempt at being a business owner, she set out to get a job and landed one at a well-known CPA firm in New York. Here's where she learned Quickbooks for the first time as well as bookkeeping. This was in 2003. She was doing A/R and A/P using Peachtree in the Property Management position. In addition to learning a new program, she implemented staff meetings, a universal system for organizing folders and client work, a database for client tracking. All of these contributed to increase teamwork and morale, increased production and more clients.

From here, she took a short contract position with the Town Supervisor of Mamaroneck because she had worked with her before and helped her extensively, with the overwhelming workload she had on her plate. In the three months she worked with her, she increased production time (work was handled in weeks compared to months), created a manual for the position so training would be faster and organized the space to save money in less furniture purchases.

From there, she moved back to her home state and took a position with a large equipment company as the President's Assistant. At this location, she implemented a database for better contact tracking, developed more detailed sales forms and organized an entire system of files. The result was accuracy of sales contacts and tracking of those contacts which would increase sales as well as prevention of further office expenses by re-organizing all the paperwork.

In 2006, she worked as a Sales Assistant to a condo conversion real estate business. She designed and implemented a database where the upper management and executives utilized that system in other locations. Due to her ability to organize, she was offered a chance to get her Real Estate license but turned it down as it was not her purpose in life. Due to that and a decline in flying to one of the properties in the Keys, she was fired.

In 2007, she worked as a 1099 contractor for a dental practice. The amount of changes she implemented into this practice were phenomenal. Years worth of discrepancies were cleaned up in Quickbooks. She implemented a Bill Pay system. Implemented a Collections system. Made the database more efficient which related to claim status and collections. The result of these projects: accurate books and more deductions, bills paid on time, collections within 30 days compared to a year or longer, increased patient satisfaction, referrals and income, increased insurance payments.

Here was the turning point of her "career" when she decided that in all the jobs she ever had, she always organized herself out of positions, got results but didn't get rewarded and finally took the leap into the business world and starting a company called: A Simple Order. Increasing Profits with Organization (or some tag line like that). She was certified to implement proven tools into businesses that increased income and expansion. She also became a Certified Quickbooks ProAdvisor.

During that ten year time frame, she went into businesses, took over the Executive "hat" for a duration and proceeded to implemented organizational systems, branding strategies and financial policies. She focused on money first. Outlined and cleaned up the financial area. Implemented policies and procedures. She worked with staff. She assessed flows of production. She implemented staff rewards. The result: Thousands in debt were paid off, gross incomes soared through the roof (example: gross income $300K to $4M in 8 years and financial statements went out of the red (which means profit for the business)! Expansion occurred in all areas.

This is how she fine-tuned her services to know exactly what worked to expand a business. She started with finances first and from there, continued to organize the business to help expansion. If this sounds like something you need, contact us here: hello@succeedwithspeed.com

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