Why Should I Survey My Clients?

Updated: Feb 21

You should survey your clients because it helps with two things:

1) Quality Control

2) Marketing

We always instruct our clients to conduct a survey made up of strategic questions to get full answers in the customer's own words. In other words, don't do a survey asking a question and then letting them choose between poor, fair, good, excellent. By allowing them to openly communicate about each question, you find out more data. Sometimes I recommend doing these on the phone if customers don't willingly get the survey back to you. It allows them to communicate with another person and therefore you get more feedback from them.

The surveys we design are a combination of questions for how the client felt but also what could be improved in the business. This gives data to send back to the Quality Control person in charge, but also to the Marketing person so they could post testimonials on the website and social media.

We hope this answer and tip helps! Let us know what you discover!

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