Why Would It Cost Me More to Wait Longer?

Updated: Feb 21

When you wait to hire a bookkeeper (due to costs) it actually ends up costing you more. One of the reasons bookkeeping is valuable is because it organizes all your financial data. The more organized it is, the better tax deductions your CPA finds for you. If the data is a mess, then things could be missed. That's one way it can cost you more.

Also, the more time you don't manage your books, the more time we have to spend catching up the records. The longer the time span, the more it seems errors can enter in and it cost our new clients twice as much as if they just started from the beginning or sooner.

As we explained in another blog post, the clean up project can be quite extensive. We go through your financial data with a fine-tooth comb. The more haystacks we need to sort through for the needles, the longer and more costly it can be!

Take it from our firm, it's best to start as soon as possible. Contact us for a free consult.

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