I've been organizing and expanding small businesses for over 20 years. SucceedWithSpeed Bookkeeping and CFO Consulting services help you grow through three steps: organize, implement, complete. Outlined below are the steps we take with each new client and how we are different than the average Bookkeeper. We pride ourselves on offering a unique yet affordable service and solution for small businesses under 10 employees. Even if you are a solopreneur we work with many of those too! 

Free Consult

We offer a Free Consult to identify your needs to see if we are the best fit for you. We ask specific questions to see what challenges you are running up against and to see if we are compatible to work together. 


Free Estimate

We do not charge for the estimate we provide which is a thorough investigation of your Quickbooks to see what needs to be caught up or cleaned up. This process can take anywhere from 1-3 hours depending on your books. If you do not have Quickbooks, we will have to assess your data from statements.



Once we set up as a client for the clean up and we receive payment, we start the CleanUp/CatchUp process. The beauty of this step is, not only are we fixing errors, making your books accurate and up to date, we are also setting up your account and a Birds Eye Budget to operate from in which we will help you grow.


Maintenance Mode-Weekly

Once we finish the CleanUp/Catchup step, we move you over to the Maintenance Mode. We revise and create a new To-Do List and we get you on a schedule of weekly calls. On these calls, we go over expenses and your To-Do's and other financial + legal related info depending on what time of the year it is. This keeps you on track and moving forward.


Maintenance Mode-Monthly

Each month, we update your Birds Eye Budget and we will review this with you on the next call. We look for red flags and identify trends and discuss with you. Regular bookkeepers are not assessing your business or bills in details like our firm does. We've caught wasted money, lost income and other flags that would otherwise not be caught. 


Maintenance Mode-Quarterly

Each quarter, we are reassessing your expenses to provide a new update to the financial targets you need to achieve. We are looking at how your plan has changed. We look at whether you are on target for financial goals you listed out at the beginning of our partnership. 


Maintenance Mode-Annually

Each year, we reassess your ENTIRE business. We correspond with your Accountant. We outline new goals with you. We provide an Annual Report to show you the trends of your income and expenses.  We set up a new Birds Eye Budget with financial targets based off of last year's numbers.

Contact Our Office

Contact our office at 727-460-7147 so you can get a Free Consult scheduled. Let's find out if we are compatible and can achieve goals together!