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Don't Waste Money!

Many small business owners we’ve worked with chose to do their books before working with us because they didn’t feel like they could afford a Bookkeeper. However, once we took over their books, we found so many errors to correct, it cost them hundreds to thousands of dollars. I don’t think there is one company we ever took over that didn’t need some type of clean-up and re-organization.

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Cross-Checking & Coaching

  • Get your work cross-checked so you have correct tax returns!

  • Get your work cross-checked so you get the maximum amount of deductions!

  • Get your work cross-checked so you can learn how to categorize the right way!

  • Get your work cross-checked so we can identify red flags limiting profit!

  • Get your work cross-checked so you can manage money better!

  • Get your work cross-checked to stop losing money!

Common types of errors we find that cost clients money:

  • Not catching expenses which increase overall costs

  • Not categorizing deductions correctly

  • Paying vendors twice (A/P) b/c of either your double entry or bill discrepancies

  • Invoices not paid because they were not sent or collected


We have a specific way of checking the books on a monthly basis to identify errors and red flags! You can also get your questions answered via email! ​

If you've wondered whether you are doing things right or feel overwhelmed with the workload you have and don't spend as much time on the books as you SHOULD, this service is a great way to gain knowledge, prevent loss of clients AND offer more value to later increase your rates!

Full Evaluation

This is a one time service where we go through your books with a fine tooth comb to identify what needs to be fixed and improved to:

  • save you money

  • identify deductions that haven't been

  • increase income

  • help your business grow

Also includes a quick consulting call to gather more data so it can be included in the Full Evaluation and detailed report.

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Find out more! Schedule a Free Consult! I will answer your questions personally on the first call.

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