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I am in the developmental stages for some amazing services and products. You can always check back on the website to see what changes have been made. In the mean time, here is what we offer or coming soon!

Casual Meeting

Full Business Evaluation

Ever feel like you are not seeing all the red flags in your business that are costing you money or preventing growth? We provide a thorough investigation and evaluation of your business as well as a detailed report of our discoveries so you can fix the errors, increase your income, save yourself money and make a plan to grow your business.

Cross-Checking & Coaching

This will be a temporary service provided until our membership services go into effect. Most owners do not monitor their financial scene in the way they should to be in control of their money and to identify what needs to change to improve and grow their business. We utilize our specifically designed tool to assess your finances, your business goals and how you are doing on each monthly. We report discoveries of red flags for to fix and change so you can increase your income and profit. The accountability and details of this service has proven to achieve more financial goals with clients.

Financial Report
Financial Report


Memberships will be a base package with the benefit of add-ons depending on your size and needs as a small business owner. We will open memberships up to Bookkeeper businesses first. The memberships will include templates, courses education, coaching and cross-checking! I've done the trial and error and outlined specific organizational systems to expand a Bookkeeper business that NO ONE else has done!

Workbooks & Education

It has always been my purpose to provide affordable resources for new business owners to get started. I am keeping my word. SWS will offer individual workbooks at prices that ANYONE can afford across the globe. You can educate yourself until you can make more money to acquire our memberships to help you grow.

Adult Students
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